Undergraduate ISSP: 3 Semesters with Academic English

The university's English (ESL) Program is designed to help you improve your language proficiency before you begin the UMass Boston ISSP. The Undergraduate ISSP: 3 Semesters with Academic English program combines for-credit university courses and English language studies. In the first semester, you will take two academic courses plus 15 hours per week of Academic English studies, provided through UMass Boston College of Advancing and professional studies.

High School


Enter year 2 @ UMass Boston



Year International Students


US$4,862 per semester (English Component)

* Other mandatory fees apply



Minimum one semester

Semester start dates


Spring: January 2018

Summer: May 2018

Fall: September 2018


59 TOEFL, 5.0 IELTS, Pearson Versant 46, and Completion of Year 12 or its equivalent with a GPA of 2.0

Note: Course availability may vary semester on semester, and space is available on first-come, first-served basis. Students’ eligibility to take certain classes will depend on Math Placement score and Writing Assessment results. Students are encouraged to complete their placement exams and register for classes prior to arrival (see Course Enrollment for details). Those who do not complete these steps prior to arrival may find that classes become full, in which case the student will have to wait until a subsequent semester to complete those courses.

Disclaimer: This information may be subject to change without notice or at the discretion of UMass Boston ISSP or Navitas Limited.

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